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Hangover Themed Tours of Las Vegas!
How 'bout that ride in? I guess that's why they call it Sin City.

Prepare yourself for a ride you’ll never forget.

Brian Petre, the Zach Galifianakis impersonator, will meet you as Alan from the Hangover at the Bellagio. From there he will take you and your wolf pack on a 2.5 hour long wild Hangover themed ride through Las Vegas ending at Caesars Palace for a fun photo session (did Caesar really stay here?).

You'll travel the entire Las Vegas Strip visiting locations used in the movies, iconic Las Vegas attractions as well as hit some of the best dive bars in the city along the way (must be 21 to consume alcohol, contact us for the family friendly version if you have children).

This ain’t no walking tour, we'll chauffeur you everywhere in a private bus. By the end of the tour you might not be able to walk anyway!

You want booze? You got it. Shots of Jager? Of course! Roofies...or floories (let’s hope not). We will play games, enjoy stories, have fun sing alongs and a personalized toast. Are you willing to join the Wolfpack? The memories might be a little hazy...maybe you’ll wake up with a tiger in your bathroom!

This is your unique Las Vegas Hangover Tour. Full buyouts only at this time, up to 22 people (this is the standard option, all tours and transportation options can be customized). Give us a call, and we'll let the dogs out.

Alan and Carlos